My boyfriend just dumped me because apparently I was cheating Iv trying to tell him everything but he doesn't believe me any Advise on what to do?

My boyfriend just broke up with me because his mate acused me for cheating on him Iv tried to tell them both that I haven't been cheating and nothing is going on between me and anyone else except him but they don't believe me he has broke up with me but I still love him but he keeps telling me that we should go are separate ways and never see each other again but I'm not sure what to do
Please help any advise on what to do would be grate


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  • He doesn't trust you, that's the issue. Relationships don't work without it. If he did then he would believe you and give you the benefit of the doubt, but he didn't. So it's a good thing you found out now.

    • but what if I no I have trust issues aswell

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    • Nope, there is no point. No relationship will work if one person doesn't trust the other

    • Ok thank you

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  • My boyfriend dumped me for the same reason but now he wants to get back with his ex.

  • There's no trust and boys typically live by hoes before bros... you'll have 7 more boyfriends before you hit 18, don't even worry.


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