What is wrong with her? Can someone explain this behavior?

Ok so my ex started talking to me again for the first time in 2 years and 3 months (i checked). And since December till this very moment we sometimes talked a little. I considered it weird at first and told her that. But it ended up being quite nice.
So last time i sugested maybe we should just have a drink together sometime to see if we could be friends. She reacted rather normally, stating it would have to be when she returns from her trip.
Tonight all of a sudden she starts messaging me loads in a kindof mean way. She seems very aggitated/ irritated, angry even. Stating that i haven't changed etc etc (she couldnt have learned much about me in the past 2 months.), its like we only broke up 2 months ago.

So any insights? Is there some logic behind this?
Atm im thinking she's a bit fucked up.
You can also just agree she's fucked up if you like ;)


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