Do you think people will always have something for their first love?

Do you think people truly ever get over their first love? Or first sexual partner? Or do you think that they just find how to move on, but they will always have some feelings towards them?


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  • Yes people move on. I have no feelings whatsoever for my first serious bf and that's not from avoidance, thats from acknowledging what the relationship was, why it didn't work, why it wasn't the right one for me and so the feelings went away. I've seen him several times since and I have no idea why I dated him. But that the same with all my ex's. But not everyone bothers to really understand their failed relationship and so they don't allow themselves to fully learn and grow and move on, but just hold onto bad feelings about them.


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  • It depends, If you lose your "first love" and you heal and take your time to understand why it failed, I think once you take time off and realize everything, you may still love them but over time not in a romantic way.

    I learned the hard way sadly, taking a broken hearted girl out of a relationship for about two months, and patching her up. We had a wonderful time together like all almost eleven months, but she wasn't fully healed over her first love and bam she left me for him like that.

    So let them heal first, and I was nothing but generous and caring to her so I have no regret cause I didn't do anything wrong in the end and I kept my word by not being the one to hurt her like her ex.

    Its only been two months she was my first love actually, but I've gone to accept it and its making me move on with my life. Im taking to do things for me and only me, no rebounds for this guy!!

    • Sorry to hear that brother. That's noble of you though.

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  • Yes, i have moved on but i still love him as a person and probably always will. We broke up 3 years ago


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