Why can't I feel that love feeling anymore. Why do I always want to be alone?

I'm 17 Years old and I'm a female.
I don't want to give you the worlds largest story ever of my pointless life story's about how stupendous my relationships have been. But basically this guy. He says all these sweet romantic things to me and my heart doesn't even flutter. Doesn't do it to the movies I used to either. And recently when I go to college I just want to be alone and listen to music, what's going on with me? Why do I want to be alone and cry. Why doesn't my heart react to anything that makes me get butterfly's?


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  • Look you obviously have been hurt in a relationship right? Thats normal, we all sooner or later get hurt. Hell my current ex was hurt by her ex bf, and you know what she was depressed until she met the right guy. That guy was me, and trust me I did so many things to mend her heart back together, and over time she opened up to me and finally she gave me her all. But I was that guy who showed her that there are still wonderful people out there, I showed her so much even when she was at her lowest point.

    Even though a good eleven months later she was confused who she wanted and went back to her ex, was I hurt yes. But I knew deep down I was that one guy to make her fell better, and help her through her depression. I have never hurt her in the time we spent, All i know is I forgive her and hold no anger or grudge cause in the end I did nothing wrong and I was committed and that shows you I have a strong character.

    The only way to get over depression is to heal yourself meaning spirit and mind, and go back out there and try again. You have a guy who is opening up to you, we don't know if it genuine or fake but non the less he is putting effort in. If you like him try putting effort to, and see where it takes you, but being depressed won't help you heal and move on with any problems that you currently have.

    Maybe you need to be alone for a little longer till you are confident to mingle, good luck.


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  • Ah, I'm 22 and I still don't have an answer to this.


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  • You're probably getting depressed. I can't be sure, it's seems so though. I'd look for professional help if I were you, if you do it things may get back to normal with the time.

    • Depression. Is it serious?

    • @Asker: Yes, depression IS serious.

    • Sure it is. It can be your case, you said you want to be alone and cry, things aren't the way they were before about your reactions. I heard some cases of depression start this way. Just try to look for help, you lose nothing by trying.

  • You'll change when you find "The One" , then you'll have to find "The other One" , and then "The other one's other one" , then OOPS , too late you're 75 , it's time to die alone and have a nameless grave and no one will remember you a few generations from now.

    Or maybe there's a different storyline for you to discover... maybe you were made differently and have a different purpose that people with romance can't do...

  • You're 17, there's a long way to go.


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