Thinking about my ex? .. Sad about it? Wanna get back with him? Then I wanna get over him? Any advice? Please?

Honestly last month i was sad when we broke up.. then I found out he found a new girl two days after we broke up.. And when I found out I was depressed.. & his friend said he flirted with other females when we were toghether and he told me that after we broke up.. & we went to different schools so yeah.. And we were together for like a month in a half.. Yeah I know it ain't long but Yanoee I thought he was the one.. & I was happy with him I can't lie.. & he planned a future I don't know it made me feel some typa way. & I thought I got over him but I haven't , like everyday I think about him like what is he doing or something , like I wanna call him or text him but I mean I think he hates me cause when we were toghether he thought I was talking to other guys which I didn't , & now that I keep thinking about him each day like it bothers me especially how he said I was his everything & that he never wanna loose me yet his actions showed it after he got with that girl.. I just need help to get over him I don't wanna look weak anymore.. But then I wanna get back with him.. It just hurts me help?


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  • Do you really want to go back to a guy who flirted with other girls while he was your boyfriend? Being hurt is normal, but in the long run it's actually good what happened. He would hurt you more as the relationship went further. Easier said than done, but you need to move on. I mean, come on, he got a new girlfriend 2 days after you guys broke up. I don't want to sound harsh, but he must think you are kind of meaningless if he did that. That's not a good guy to be in a relationship, so i hope you will find a true man who loves you and respects you. That's a man worth fighting for after all :)


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