How do you get over it?

If she'd have just left me, it'd be one thing, but no... She lead me on, and two days of feeling secure in our relationship pass, and she just says fuck it again! It's a bit more complex, but I'll put it simple and say that I loved her. I loved her enough to be blinded. She broke my heart time and time again, whether it be messing around with another guy, straight up saying hurtful things, guilt tripping me, or you know, ending us in the first place but letting me think it could be fixed, and then when I finally think it's fixed, have her throw it away again!

This was a little bit ranty and a result of my venting, but I'm broken. I don't want to sleep with anyone. I don't want to patch this hole up. What I want is for there not to be a hole at all where my heart was. How can I get my heart back? Metaphorically speaking, to deter trolls.


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  • Find another girl cause you're 16. Boy, I haven't even had a girlfriend yet and I'm 17. I'm super close though. So yeah,

  • From what you have described, she is a total bitch. Not to be rude or anything, but it's the truth. Now you have to move on. How do you do that? Well, a girl kind of broke my heart too, but it was more of a mutual thing. Like we broke up and it hurt us both, but i'll spare you the details because it's irrelevant. I felt angry, sooo angry, oh boy. So what i did was focus on that feeling, that hate. In my mind i tried to see her as if she wanted me to feel like crap. So that made me want to do the opposite, feel good and forget about her right away. Somehow it worked. In your case, feeling angry should be easier, since she actually was a complete bitch to you. Imagine yourself smiling and walking past her. How great would that feel, right? I bet you're actually way stronger than you think you are. Why would you allow someone like that girl to play with your feelings? You gotta say no to that, man. If you can do all this you will be back on track soon. Wish you the best of luck!

    • I wouldn't say she's a bitch. But I am seething with anger from what she's done to me, so thanks for the advice.

    • Actually from what you described, she definitely is, but that doesn't matter really. What does matter is for you to get back on your feet so be strong :)

    • She wasn't a bitch.

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