Does he still love me? or has he moved on?

we recently broke up because i was texting a guy friend and my boyfriend says i was cheating and my love was fake. he's into smoking drinking drugs etc. but then i saw him exchanging numbers with new guy friends and a smiling pic with his bro is he hurt or he's moved on?


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  • It would seam that way. But maby he is trying to make it look like he has. Could be tryin to make u jealous. But not a lot of info to go on.

    • he lives nearby he doesn't even come out once. last time i saw him was in the bus stop i just acted like im happy singing very loudly one direction songs and he dint even talk.

    • Yea ha has moved on. But if he is blaming u for his problems ur better of without him mateie.

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  • Hard to know, but possibly he moved on. Anyway, he's into bad things, he's not likely to be the best guy for you.

    • he said me before we broke up that he is into all these because of me :( because i cheated is it true or is it just an excuse

    • I think he's just giving excuses.

  • Chances are he's trying to move on.

  • He's moved on. And you're winning for it.

    • awww... i just can't accept that. but i dont think he is into someother girl :'(

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