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I've been in a relation for one year and on our anniversary he asked me whether he could go through my messages i said no because i was texting this guy he said not to text long time back and i had promised to block. i flirted with him. when he got upset i deleted the conversation and forced him to check he said he dint want to check because he trusts me blindly. that night talking over the phone he said me i trust you dont break my trusts and suddenly i felt guilty and confessed that i had deleted. he cried and he hung up. i called back but then it turned into a mess. tommorow he was in the mall my sister went up to him and he was like "we broke up" "she cheated on me" but nobody dumped anybody he blocked me from all ways i tried and begged for forgiveness but i told him i dint flirt. he was absent in school and is getting thinner and one evening he asked me his box i had borrowed he stared at me with sad eyes i went upto him and spoke with him. and for few days we sat in bus together he said me he's got into drugs because of me he's into smoking drinking etc. but he went to the boy whom i had texted and the boy said him i flirted. i cried and said him that i dint flirt because i couldnt speak the truth too scared to loose him but he said "you betrayed me i was loyal though i still love u i can't trust you ill doubt you and im not dumping you its like everything was a lie from your side so we were never in a relation". he went out i went upto his home and said him i would find a man who trusts and believes in me and i asked him to return my stuffs but i took only the pen and asked him to throw the rest he threw it. now he is smoking the other day i saw him exchanging numbers with guys he has a brother who is spoilt. nowadays i dont seem him going out much though. what should i do move on , wait or?


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  • Move on darling, this relationship is done for.

    • but then i still love him and i believe he does too

    • its a tough pill to swallow but trust me, move on. You'll love again, just not him.

  • My ex did the same EXACT thing you did. I never trusted her again and I eventually left her where she stood. if someone can't take my feelings seriously then i have no buisness being with that person And that goes for anyone. You didn't respect how he felt about the situation. Honestly, your in no position to make threats to him about finding a guy who WILL trust and believes in you. you may have to give him his space to figure things out or heal and maybe talk to someone about his drug use, its not a healthy way to handle things.

    • but i love him its just that once i made a mistake how can i get it sorted so he trusts me again?

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