Has she been cheating? Why can't I let go?

So anyways she's been living in a facility for drugs the last 6 months and they have a lot of freedom to do what they want. There's house for guys and a house for girls. They can go out, do a lot of stuff together, whatever.

Anyways, when she first got there she was calling me morning and night. Over time she's not wanting to do overnight stays with me, looking for any reason to fight, etc.

I still drink but I got sober for 30 days like she asked so that we could be happy. She told me yesterday that she doesn't love me anymore, she hates me, she doesn't want this anymore, etc.

I am so confused. I've supported her for 4 years while she's been in and out of treatment. I've given her clothes, money, food, places to stay etc. Worst of all we have a 3 year old son together.

I fear that she met someone else and have been feeling that way for a few months now. I know she'll never admit that to me but I just know that I haven't done anything to lose her love.

Help me out here. I'm really hurting here.


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  • Yeah it sounds like she has met someone else to me as well. Sorry bro

  • Don know if she cheated or no

    What u gonna do for ur girl?

    forget about this women


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