How do I get my friends to keep me out of their drama without hurting them?

my two friends have broken up and I have once again been dragged into the middle. how to I get them to leave out of it?


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  • Tell them that you do not mind being there for them when they need you or someone to talk to but you so not want to be in the middle of it or have to pick sides because no matter what you are friends with both of them.

    Hun, you are only 15, you have your life ahead of you, and you cannot be scared to hurt your friends feelings, tell them how you really feel and if they are actually your real friends they will understand, if they don't they aren't friends. That is how I ruled out all my real friends in high school and I am still friends with the ones I kept today because these are the people I can be 100% honest with and know they won't get mad at me if I tell them the truth.

    no one needs drama and just let your friends know you are mutual, which mean you are not picking sides, you are not talking behind their backs about them, and you are getting involved in anyway.


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