How do you give someone space when you live together?

I don't have a phone so it makes it harder to go out and do anything and I also have no friends due to rumors and I'm very shy. But I want to give my ex space. What things should I do? I want him to miss me and moving out is out of the question. He wants me to still live with him.


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  • You get friends, you go out and socialise with them.


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  • You can kill two birds with one stone by simply leaving the house and getting into the community. That way, you're giving him space and making friends at the same time. (:

    • I've never really gone out much so where do I start?

    • Anywhere! Think of interests you could share with people; for example, you may like to sing. If there's a local choir, join it.

      If you need any help with being shy, message me. (: I might not be able to make a drastic difference, but hopefully I can help you start making friends. I used to be relatively shy, and although I still get shy moments now and then, I'm able to overcome them. I'm here if you want me. :P

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