So guy says he loves you and wants you in his life but then lets you go?

basically my bf used t tell me he wants me in his life, i am his love.. he sees future with me, having kids, moving in together etc...

however when i brought an issue of constant promises and dishonesty he said i became strange and better just leave it. i just said i want a nice guy and he said go and find it.. apparantly his life was planned and he didn't see the problem and wanted to work on a relationship..

so why to tell me all this things for 4 month and then when i brought the issue of not treating me well like a gf needs to be treated he just said i give up even if he didn't do anything to fight for us and let me leave him!


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  • Because he obviously like he said doesn't want the same as you. Some guys like to tell girls what they want to hear to make them happy unfortunately.

    • heh interesting for 4 month he pretended it was a relationship... which actually was just seeing each other?

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    • Well shame on flaky.. vague lying bastards like him. Well that's y he is dumbed now. For being a lieng nob!.. if you have gf be honest.. if you want option you can act like that

    • Totally agree.

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