Any good tips on getting over your EX?

It's been 2 years. She left me for an online relationship that didn't work. She sat directly across from me on the bus a week ago and we just looked at each other curiosity as we've changed a lot. I really dislike her but I find her even more desirable now.
I'm an idiot, help me.

true or false.
"The division between the deepest hatred and the purest love is as thin as paper."
People serious question.


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  • Seems like you're still hurt b/c you cared. I wonder though is it that she is more desirable just b/c you may still want to prove something to yourself... don't even try to go back unless you have evaluated your intentions. Getting over rejection takes time especially if there wasn't closure or a clear answer as to why things went the way they did... just keep busy with positive things... she never came back to say she wishes things were different or that she changed so let it go...


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  • She left u for an online realitionship thats enough reason to delete her from ur life but u still too young to realize that and move on but also 2 years is very long time to not move on

    I think with time u will move on time will fix it

    • I'm aware, my age does not affect my perception. Thanks for your time

    • You're Welcome

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  • Just give it time, buddy. Keep yourself busy. there's nothing you can do to force yourself to get over someone... its always just gets better day by day. But make sure everything you've wanted to say to her has been said (closure).


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  • Hate her. Best way to forget her.


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