Ex boyfriend tries to keep in contact with my close friends?

We broke up over a month ago and a week ago he started texting my best (girl-) friend. Just casual things such as "how are you?" and stuff like that. But he asked her if she wanted to hang out with him. She was not interested. I wonder what´s going on because in the time we were together (almost 2 years) he was never really fond of her. When I would ask to do something with her he rather not have her around. Slight insults about her appearance were also normal. And now he texts her almost every day?
He texted me a few days ago but he was angry at me and just put me down for stupid reasons. I told him not to text me again since I was not interested in that.
I would not say that I am completely over him. After all I´ve spent the last 2 years with him so I am still coping with the break up. I guess that is the reason why I would really like to know why he acts like this.


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  • He is trying to f*ck your friends to get back at you. I take it that it was you who dumped him. Well this just may be him trying at his own petty revenge. Talk to your friend that he hung out with and find out details just ask her not to tell him you asked about it. :) Hope this helps sorry if I am right.:(

    • Actually he was the one who dumped me. And I honestly don´t see a reason why he would want to get back at me. We had our ups and downs but from my point of view it was a good relationship until he was not satisfied with it anymore and broke up. So I accepted it and tried to move on. I would be doing a lot better if he wouldn´t try so desperately to befriend my friends since I still hear about him that way.

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    • As already mentioned, he sometimes made fun of her and never really wanted to hang out with her. That might be case if she was the only one he contacted but he does that to my closest friends aka the ones he knows I am hanging out the most with. And he got mad at me when I did the same thing. I went out with some of his friends (actually mutual) and some days later he texted me saying I shouldn´t have done that.
      But I do take what you said into consideration though..

    • As long as you consider it. And if his friends want to talk to you do what you want. As long as they actually wanna chat and not be di*ks about it. Because guys can be asshol*s lol so just be careful:)

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  • Two reasons. He might want you back OR revenge.
    Both of them sucks. So be careful.

    • I have absolutely NO IDEA why he would want revenge..

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    • Thanks for sharing your opinion :)

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  • He's texting your friend and try to hook up with her because he wants to go out and talk to her about you and see if she can put you two back together.

    • I hope that helped you.

    • Thanks for your answer but I´m not sure if that´s the case since he never really asked about me. And she is not the only one who he is trying to keep contact with. Another friend of mine already hung out with him. But I never asked for details since I don´t want to seem interested.

    • Ok think what you want to

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