Should I break up now?

I've been dating this guy for almost 2 years. I love him very much. He's leaving to his hometown in few months and will never come back. When that happens, I know we will break up because we both don't see being with each other for a more serious relationship. If you were in this situation, would you stay with him and cherish the time you both have left or you would break up with him now to get used to it?


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  • For me a relationship that could not possibly end in marriage needs to be terminated.

    • So you think I should break up now instead of waiting until he actually leaves which is in a few months?

    • It's like you're traveling down a road that's a dead-end. The views could be awesome but you're going nowhere. The sooner you turn it around (end the relationship) the less time wasted.

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  • Nearly four years ago, a man from Egypt found me on Facebook and we had started a whirlwind romance. After going on Skype for several months, I then flew over to the magical land of Cairo where I stayed for 30 days. Things went so well that after returning home, I hopped on board again, this time tying the knot at the Ministry of Justice.
    I am back in the states once more, however, with me having Not gone back over to be with him in a long while, it has caused us much strife in our life, for I have not made the effort nor put the effort into our LDR and as of now... we are estranged and I have decide to move on, where I am dating again.
    It takes two special people to tango and Two to make the effort and find the time and have the patience for a LDR to work. You say you have been with one another for 'Almost 2 years' and with This, I feel it is worth fighting for.
    It's your call, your choice, if you feel it would be just a hopeless case altogether. If you don't see where Anything will pan out, no one is 'More serious,' then I don't see Why you both need to totally disregard One another. Tell him you think it best to stay friends for now, stay in touch, and if anything else would materialize where this could change down the road, then This would be Fate that would not have led you Both Totally down a beaten path.
    Talk it over and find out where this might go. Open lines of convo is one of the most important factors in Any Relationship and without it, Any Relationship can and will... go dead in the water.
    I should have put More Into my own marriage than I did, and my husband----Never would get Used to it with me Possibly Never coming back... and the choice was Mine to make.
    Good luck. xx


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  • you can have a long distance relationship with him maybe?

    • hmm a longer relationship with him isn't possible. It's a ticking bomb

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