For guys please help did he ever love me?

I broke up with my ex 4 months and i still love him but obviously he moved on coz just after two months for break up i wished him a happy birthday and he called me and said that he want to see me again and just after a month he said that he one to see me I refused coz he broke up with me and just after that he disappeared... Does he really moved on!! He never said i love you and he doses not flirt with me a lot but when ever i see him he just hugs me for hours... DID HE LOVE ME


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  • He did love u

    • But why he broke up with me?

    • Have you talked to him about how you feel to me it maremma like you still have feelings for him he does to by the fact that he hugs you like that and he don't flirt with no one I think you guys should just meet and see each other and talk and see where you guys go he might be hurt saying I love you dosent mean he dosent love you his actions or his expressions he does when your with him or talk to him will show if he really loves you. Cuz that can just be words to keep you going if he loves you see it in a guy just think about that...

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