I'm so confused what do I do?

So me and her broke up like 2 months ago. I dumped her and she I guess reversed the role on me because I feel like the one that got dumped. I Said that we should split up out of anger... bad idea!!! Since I have wrote letters.. brought flowers to the job... as well as her initiating contact with me as well. Her feelings are all messed up. So since she has mixed signals right now. I have initiated the no contact untill the end of February . So kinda childishly I text her playing as her ex boyfriend which she tells him that she is working on this relationship with me. Then tell me she is confused. Haven't did this since no contact. Only been 6 days and she texted me about a show we used to watch together (the originals) saying she hadda catch up. We talked for an hour. I ask how she was... ditto... told her I was do great. Told her I had a new job. Then she ask what I was doing for my bday. Told her I didn't know and that it was good talking to her. And goodnight. She responded. Ha, night. Just like that. So cconfused or am I thinking to much? And when I texted her as her ex she told him (me) that she would probably get up with me for my bday. Made it seem like me ( her ex) was going through the same with my girl. Asked her if I should get her something for vday. She said if your trying to prove you want to be with her. So I Took that as I'm supposed to get her something. Am I wrong? Should I ignore her for y bday and vday or? Get up with her on the 28th of February as we agreed?


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  • Before you try to involve yourself in any relationship you should grow up and stop playing games.. Seriously pretending to be someone else? Not only is it childish, stupid, and gamey, it starts into stalkerish and creepy. Take time to reflect on yourself before involving anyone else

    • You don't understand I only did this because her mixed signals... is my heart not a factor? I was really ready to move on she told me she wants to make it work... then days go by and then she confused. Like I said I did this when the flip floppy feelings came along. She not wrong for those feelings. I have learned more from her as her ex than me. She s not saying anything bad but I think the stuff she told him would hurt me.

    • I do understand where you are coming from though. I love her simple as that. I love her enough to let her go but she comes back and I can't ignore her. Shit is hard.

    • I meant to say I think the stuff she tells him she thinks would hurt me but it's like why tell him?

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  • Why wait til 28 Feb? Ask her to do something with you asap.

    • Because she has a lot of pain to get over and I don't want her to like have bad thoughts... I figured little time would help her health and get over her pain I suppose.

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