Why your ex guy do that?

Any reason why your ex deletes you from Facebook.. but still keeps your pics and pics of you together and your number and whatsapp?


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  • i am sorta in the same situation. he broke my heart then we were in NC For 2 months then he stalked me for those 2 months. FInally when i messaged him he blocks me everywhere! why would he do that?

    I think your guy is trying to move on but is still open to communicate. what do you think of my situation?

    • So... he was trying to stock you in no contact suppose to be month? i think he might be either hurt or playing a pay back game..

      Yeah he deleted me straight away. but why leave the number. Delete it and move on.. he still has my whatsapp... pics of us as a reminder on his Facebook..

    • Obviously number be the first or second thing ill do.. probably its getting hard on him

    • how do you know that you are still on his whatsapp and stuff?

      I don't know my guy has blocked me since the day i contacted its been a week now:(

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  • Memories. Or laziness.


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  • ex are werid... u can't really predict his behavior...
    mine took me for months on Facebook... and when i ask him to delete me... he got so angry that he deleted his account... crap

    • Ha.. he deleted me straight I dumped him. He still keeps my number.. i thought he would delete number first rather unfriend me

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    • Ohh no. Ignore and forget!! I won't text him.. no way!

    • okay... if you don't want to talk... just don't...
      just make sure that there won't be any regrets after that...
      good luck for your life and next love!

  • I'd say he doesn't want to see what you're doing, but is upset about it all so isn't ready to move on!


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