Part 1: I want him back but he's avoiding me?

Me and my 2 year bf argued a lot like once every two weeks, mostly bec i had trust issues and got paranoid over stupid stuff. But hed always appologize and fix things even though i was the one who always exaggerated and went mad. He loved me a lot at least thats what i thought, and had to deal with all my drama and mood swings. But everytime wed makeup wed go back to being even stronger than before. We just couldnt stop talking. we talk every single day and spent 2 new years together. He even bought me a surprise gift on Christmas appearing suddenly at my house. Our arguments sadly grew and grew until one day for the first time ever he broke up with me. The fight was small weve had way worst but when i blurted out i was starting to lose my feelings he decided to end everything and this time didn't turn back. He sent me message saying he was fed up tired and that he couldnt continue with me anymore. That he knew how much i loved him but we should just be friends. I realized i didn't mean what i said but it was too late. I cried a lot that night and a few hours later he called three times but i didn't answer. The next day i thought about everything and went down to his work. The moment i stepped in he began avoiding me and even hid behind a rack of clothes. I tried to get him to come out and talk but he wouldn't look me in the eye and kept walking away saying there was nothing to talk about. All his coworkers stared at me and i felt like an idiot. Trying to open my mouth and talk again he said something he would never have said before. Dont dream about us getting back together its never going to happen. He never ever said that and what broke me to pieces was that he was so sure of it. I nodded and left, his cold words tearing at me. At home he texts me saying everytime he sees me it hurts him and that i should forget him and move on. I text him back saying i understood and that if this is what he wanted i will move on. I added i loved him a lot and that i was sorry again.
I know no ones gona read this or answer it or part two but i hope u do help it will mean a lot


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  • Wow, beautiful and very sad can u please write part 2?

    • I did just now thank you so much for your understanding

    • I feel very sad, its like one of those sad movies, except its real life this time, and okay I've gotta read part 2 i'll see if i can help u.

    • Thank you thats sweet:) yeah it is hope you won't have to pass through it

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