Why did he block me when I called him?

He was the one who rejected me saying that his mom didn't find me attractive. So we didn't even fight before we stopped talking i just told him that he should try to convince his mom for me and he said he dont want to trouble her. I said he will regret it later on what he had and he didn't do anything so to that he replied dont message me again. This happened back in nov. Then after that i started to notice he used to copy my status and make his status the same on whatsapp. And sometimes i caught him typing me a message and then erase. He did the stalking for about 2 months. This month he completely went into hiding phase. I couldnt see his last login on whatsapp he is off Facebook everything. But i could see him come online on whatsapp so i knew i wasn't blocked. Recently, I just kinda wanted a closure since we didn't end up on good terms so i called him and even texted him. He read it and blocked me on whatsapp and on his phone. So there is no way of contacting him. Why would he do that? I thought he wanted to talk. I caught him so many times typing me a message and then deleting it and copying the same status as mine. why did he block me when i tried talking? can someone help me understand this? has he moved on? found someone else? i mean nothing to him?


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  • is he mentally stable? :(

    • I don't know in the beginning when we first started talking he would block and unblock me couple times saying he's getting attached to me.. and now all this. Since i contacted him after 2 months last week i am still on block.. I don't know what to do?:(

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  • His wit was out coz of anger.. He can't control his anger... But its not necessary that he got gf.

    • so will he ever contact me? i am still on block its been a week now!:(

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