Have you ever had a breakup and the guy wished you well?

What is the point of saying that? Any ideas!


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  • I think it's because they feel guilty leaving but not enough to stay. They wish you well because they feel like an asshole for the break up, and it gives them comfort knowing that you'll find happiness somewhere else. They probably still care for you on some level, just not romantically any more, and truly do want you to find happiness. But I think it's more for them than it is for you, they just want to feel better about the situation. Or maybe they just don't know what else to say, I'm not sure. That's my theory lol

    • You're probably spot on.
      No guy can ever see themselves having a proper relationship with me. Not one of my exes got past the 4 month mark!
      I'm defo special

    • I would say just keep dating guys and eventually the right one will come along, at least that's what I like to think. It seems like every time I stop looking for a relationship, one comes along, but if I actually try to find one, it seems like I'm the only single person in the world haha

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  • He's trying to be a gentleman about it... being a man is hard business ain't it lol
    If you're rude you're an asshole.
    If you're polite they think you have ulterior motives lol

    • How is being 'fake' being a gentleman?
      I would rather he said my pussy was an abyss, at least I'd have had a laugh out of it!

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    • Why wish someone well when you couldn't give a fuck if they got ran over by a bus in two minutes time? That's my question

    • That's a very New Jersey attitude lol
      But hey whatever float your boat eh?

  • The point is, no hard feelings. If we ever meet on the street again, let us be on neutral terms, even if not on friendly terms.

    That's why, even if a breakup ended on a huge argument, when you feel comfortable you should always wish the other well. If they don't reciprocate, at least you tried.

    If the breakup was done by the guy, then it might mean they feel sorry, but that they feel a breakup is still necessary.

  • Yes my ex was kind of like that after she left for her ex. She knew it was wrong, but it happened. So I think it eases their conscious, which to me you shouldn't show kindness when you dump someone.

    All your doing is giving them false hope, and not letting them see the reality of the break up. I could never be nice to somone I loved while dumping them, cause one if I loved them and saw nothing wrong I wouldn't dump them in the first place. If there willing to dump you they have to be willing to go all the way and mean what they say.


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  • Yes... the one guy who pretty much broke my heart into 1000 pieces told me he hopes I find what I'm looking for when he ended it with me. I was like dafuq... how am I supposed to find what I'm looking for when I'm staring right at it.

    • Yep I know exactly what you mean, the guys just too stupid to realise that he's what you want more than anything, so you're not going to be happy without him!

  • Yes, because he is not my type. He was nice but he doesn't make me fun to be with him but boring.

    • They all said they loved me and wanted more with me and a week later I get the 'wish you well' 'take care' 'glad it's finished' thing.
      Then I get stalked for 10 months.
      The worlds mental

    • I have loved him. That was my wish him to meet other girl. I just tell him that he is not my type of person that I want to live with. Because he was really nice. As he was nice he gave everything, follow all my order, I could even command him. So that is not a man I want to spend life with.

      Don't take it as everything in your life. Done is done. Now you are single then let's rock your single life. I was single since I break up with him and it was fun to be single. My ex just married last Dec.

  • yeah. it was sarcastic.


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