What does she want?

me and my ex were together for almost 4 yrs. we've been broken up for almost 4 years now. we never agreed on being friends although we did hang out a little after the break up and slowly drifted apart. she still has contact with my mom and my friends. but every time I go on MySpace or Facebook she finds me and adds me. she still tries to keep in contact with me every now and then and I'm not sure why. she just got married in august and I'm in love with my current girl but recently she asked me to help her find a car. I am knowledgeable but I guess my point is...why not ask her husband? I am still nice to her and if she needs help I help but I don't get why she keeps trying to stay around in my life.

girls do you do this? what's the point?
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my mom insists on seeing my ex when she comes out here (mom lives out of state) I don't end up telling my girlfriend about it because I don't want to get into a fight with her. its an awkward situation. my mom has no car I have to drive her to see my ex!
What does she want?
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