Did my LDR GF really want to break up?

I'll set the scene as this spans over one weekend. Friday she planned to see me on Saturday and was looking forward to it. She messaged me before bed "I Love You" kisses and hearts etc. She called me and I declined and said I was busy; told her I'd call her in a few minutes. She sent a sad face after i said I was busy but after I said I'd call her she sent a kiss again. I called her; everything was fine. Good night. See you tomorrow.

Saturday morning I got a text from her making her excuses that she couldn't come down cause she came on her period, sickness etc. (I still don't quite believe because she was due on in another week. but what do I know)

So she said she was sorry a hundred times over, using her pet name for me. And I'm convinced she meant it. However she ended going out with (I found on Facebook etc) her mum and seemed right as rain.

When it was time for bed again on Saturday, she texted good night and I responded the same.

Sunday nothing at all. (I saw from social media that she was out with family again) No good morning or good night, Which was weird but fine.

Monday morning she didn't call me in the morning.

(She ALWAYS calls me on her way to school no matter what even after arguments the previous day etc)

Which I thought was very strange but I left it. At about mid day I texted her if everything in our relationship was okay?

Then... she says how she doesn't see the relationship lasting. She thinks we should 'see other people' and that 'the feeling just drifted away. (It was our first anniversairy that next weekend and both of us had cards etc)

I found later (which I'll explain) that her 'girlfriends' were present the whole way though out texting. She said she just wanted to be friends.

She then called me to reiterate what she had said properly talking to me. Her friends were in the background laughing. My gf was completely un-phased and was perfectly fine.

Goodbye was the last we spoke.
My Question is.

Do you really think it would have played out how it did if she weren't at school with her friends around? Was she just showing off to her friends?

What do you think happened that suddenly stopped (which seemed apparent not days before) her feelings for me?

Do you think she will miss me and realize her loss?
[I should probably point out that we were very close, intimate, always there for eachother and I was "the best thing that happened to her" quote: her mum and herself]


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  • Its so childish... U seem honest and gentle and this girl is just playing with you and with your feelings , just let it go u deserve better

    • But I believe that the 'childish' and immature behavior came from her friends being there. Call me naive... because her tone of voice and carelessness was INCREDIBLY out of character. We'd had times when she was in tears over fear of loosing me. (recently) and now this...

  • Well she broke up with you infront of Her fteinds... Just leave her alone and never talk to her again.


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