How to win back the love of my life?

-loved her
-she loved me
-treated her right, all the time
-she said I treated her very well
-great sex, admitted by both
-great connection
-so much in common
-could and did talk for hours regularly
-got along great with her kids, loved them too.
she dumped me for a Buddhist spiritual disconnect, I supported her beliefs but I am not Buddhist, she said there was no other man and said that she would not have done that to me... I believe her, she is genuine. I am at a loss.
I am pretty much over it now 3months later but I still wish to be with her. I do not need her just simply want her in my life as my lover and best friend.


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  • She might be happy without you... Im sorry to hear about the break up but sometimes you got let people go because they ain't worth your time if they walk away from you in life, they only walk away from you in life because their part of your story which is your life is done. I guess her part in your life is done and you should accept that. She might be really happy now and I'm sure you want her to be happy so let her be and you will find someone else one day who will love you and won't dump you just wait a little longer because good things come to those who wait.


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  • You will never be happy and neither will she. You will have what you want but it won't be real. You can not make someone love you the way you love them or want them. She obviously loves her spiritual side far more and you have to respect that. Maybe you should try just being friends with her and go from there.


What Guys Said 2

  • If she sees the religion thing as a deal breaker, there's not much you can do, other than converting.

  • There is another man, she probably lied to you so she didn't hurt you cause thats what most girls do.
    sex was bad for her, she probably lied to you so she didn't hurt you cause thats what most girls do.
    or you was starting to bore her, no excitement/flame died on her end.

    • it wasn't sex, sometimes you can just tell when someone is enjoying it, another man maybe she was appaulled when I confronted her on that and said that she never gave me a reason to think that she would do that, Upset that I questioned her morals.
      flame died maybe I don't know

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