How to overcome if your crush says no?

I had crush on a girl so I started chatting with her on fb. I got clues that she is not interested in me. she started ignoring my messages, she said to me that its irritating that you send hi to me. when I asked her if she was hurt she said that why should she get hurt because people get hurt from there belongings (who are you for me). so I told her that I will never do that again.
Now I think its a situation where she is not interested in me,.. and that lead to a situatio. Where I can't talk to my crush. this is like a breakup. now how to overcome from this?


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  • Stop FB for few weeks, so some other physical activities, watch movies, read books.
    Just don't see her for few weeks.
    Always be busy.
    That's the key that worked for me.


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