How do I get over losing the perfect girl for me?

I had been seeing this girl casually for about 2 months. Even though I liked her I kept it pretty casual because I wasn't quite ready to commit. She never came out and told me she wanted to be serious so I let it go on. About a month ago she basically broke it off and started seeing someone else. I told her how much I liked her, how I wanted to be with only her and basically poured my heard out to her, but she told me this week that she's moved on. She said if I had told her that two months ago it would have been great, but it was just too late.
So now I've basically thrown away a beautiful, very smart, funny girl who shares all my interests and I'm completely broken up about it.
How do I get over this?


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  • Yeah, that's a hard one. She wanted you to step up and take the lead. All you can do is try to keep in touch and let her know how you feel ever so often and maybe if it doesn't work out she'll be willing to give it another try with you. Only time will tell. If it was meant to be it will be.


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  • Kind of sounds like you only want her now that you can't have her.

  • Why did u wait so long to make your move? Why r u ready for a commitment after she is gone? wht changed? i am going through the same thing now. Trying to decide if I should move on


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