She didn't understand her own feelings. Should I take her back?

My LDR GF dumped me after she felt that she had lost feelings.

(In my opinion we'd just gotten to the end of 'the honeymoon period' and she wasn't familiar with that next stage of love.)

In the end she has clearly realized that she does still love me, the spark and excitement has gone a little, but that doesn't mean she doesn't love me.

She dumped me quite heartlessly, and I have no idea how she felt after she had some time to think about it. I think at first she was quite content with being single again; but it eventually dawned on her that she missed me, my care for her and me being there for her.

At first I was heartbroken and very depressed (as you would be). After a while I realized, although I missed her, it was her that was at the loss.

My question is should I take her back after this mistake that she has seemed to make in ending the relationship?

Should I forgive her? Do you think it might happen again?
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What Girls Said 1

  • I think you should forgive her. Give her the benefit of the doubt and if she hurts you don't act shock since you already had the sense that she might be effy about it already. Just give it one more shot. If it works out well then it does if not you try to move on. It will hurt again if you want to go through that. It's not bad to forgive but it's not bad if you don't want to go through the pain or uncertainty of her actions. If she makes you happy and you miss her and you think she is sorry. Go for it. Do what makes you happy. No regrets. Just go for it. :) take risks and just learn if it doesn't work out from the experience


What Guys Said 1

  • If she lost the feelings, dropped you like a bad habit & went off to be single only to comeback when she felt like she sorted out her feelings and didn't bother to tell you how she felt as to why she was dumping you, why in the HELL would you take her back? You don't sound like simp, you don;t need some girl who has no idea how to communicate her feelings proficiently then you DON'T NEED her ass. Kick that shit to the curb and find someone more worth it.


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