Is it right to end this?

today was going with my boyfriend to get a car for myself. at home it hasn't been quiet and I'm losing my nerves.
but I told him I felt suicidal and sad. I also told him that my parents yell at me and demean me a lot and that he's all I have.
also just mentioned I wish he would talk about my other traits than just my physical traits
he got mad at this and dropped me off. and said he needed a few hours to cool off.
I left crying. he texted if I wanted dinner. I felt that he isn't emotional in tune with me. it's not going to work out because of how hurt I feel that he isn't there for me when I need the help emotionally.
he complained that he's never had to pick up or drop off his gf ever before. and I started crying.
my parents couldn't and never did afford, or can, to help with university tuition, car or clothes. I did that myself. had to sell my car to have no student debt.
its hard to walk sometimes to work and I made time for him today. so leaving me out in the cold, at night, this is the 2nd or 3rd time I've left crying.
the other time he mentioned his ex petra or some girl who lives in room 101, whome he had good sex with while we were having dinner and shortly after we had sex.
I'm not as sexually experienced as he is, I haven't slept around so I have strong feelings for him but now I feel he's shattered me. especially today saying, others say I'm negative. those others don't hang out or get to know me.
I thought of ending things when he mentioned how he lived with a girl for 3 years and even now called her 'dirty'.
I tried to believe it was a mistake, but tonight I don't eve know why he texted me ask if I wanted sushi or if I was still where he dropped me off an hour ago.
please if anyone has helpful advice, I feel so lost right now, obviously depressed


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  • You cannot tell someone that you are suicidal and that they are all you have. You go see a counsellor. It's selfish to put that on someone else. He is not responsible for your suicidal thoughts and he certainly can't do anything about it, you need to do that. You can't put all your issues that you have with other people on him. It's not fair. A relationship is not what you should be worried about right now, you need to deal with your own issue instead of being overly-dependant on others.


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