Long distance breakup on a whole new level. A seafarer longing for his ex back What should I do?

Hey everyone, i'm Leo and i'm currently going through a rough break-up. I'm currently sailing and will be for the next 4 more months. My significant other broke up with me a month ago and I don't want to let her go, I want to fight for her back. I've looked up on multiple get your ex back websites and am still rather confused what to do. Some say I need to put the no contact rule into play but heard also that I have a limited time to win her back. While some of the websites are specific for normal circumstances, it doesn't fit mine. Been out at sea for 2 months, girlfriend broke up with me a month ago, 4 more months at sea, issues with rekindling the relationship; no face to face contact, the unexpected loss of signal while on voyage. Basically for now, I just really want to know when I should start trying to do something. Please help me


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  • Why did she break up with you?

    I'd say that right now – due to distance and problems with communication that are not within your control – there isn't much you can do. Depending on the reason why the relationship ended, there are things you could do once you get back. For now, you should try to relax about it all. I know it's hard.

    The no contact rule is for people to move on, not to get ex-partners back. I don't know why so many people try to use it to win someone back. I agree that after a break-up people need some space to figure out what they want, but that has nothing to do with wanting someone back.

    • She broke up with me a month ago and said that I need to grow up and I understand. I get angry easily and we fought a lot, she just couldn't take it anymore

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  • call her up! and I assume that you know what buttons to press... 2 months without contact is 2 months too long. I hope that this period worked out in your favour though.


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