Is this weird for an ex?

Okay so me and my ex split up 2 months ago since then we haven't spoke.

Lately on Instagram he did a throw back picture of a festival we attended, which was when we was at the best of our relationship, whenever I think about the festival he always creeps into my mind as we shared a lot of time together (4days) non stop. It was also the first time we was a couple in front of all our friends.

Anyways he put a picture up on insta off it saying 'take me back now.' Which made me question it as a little odd but now he's put a different picture from the festival as his Twitter profile pic. He seems to be focusing a lot on this festival, is it weird as that festival holds a lot of memories and good feelings?


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  • It doesn't mean anything unless he tells you why he is doing it. Don't make any assumptions.


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