Breakup party ideas?

My friends boyfriend broke up with her over text in class saying he thinks they should start seeing other people (I think he was already seeing someone seeing as he got a girlfriend the next day) 2 days after she had sex with him. It was pretty bad, he was the 1st person she's done anything with and I want to throw her a breakup party. What are some good ideas for the party? ?


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  • A "breakup party" is an actual thing? I don't want to live on this planet anymore.


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  • You sure a break up party is a good idea she's probably hurting way to much to have fun.

    • I meant like watching movies and stuff like that, I don't know I just want to get her mind off it she really liked the idea of the party

    • When I broke up with my guy for a week I listened to Miranda Lambert s 'mamas broken heart' had the stereo turned up high, made me feel better. Also painting my nails and watching funny shows or movies. I also take a drive or go window shopping at the mall and talk about the things I think are so cute and how it's ridiculously priced

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  • Brah maybe you guys should just chill on a couch, watch some chick flicks and eat ice cream


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