How to get rid of annoying ex-boyfriend?

Okay so I have this annoying ex-boyfriend that is clinging to me like a parasite. It's been almost a year since I broke up with him, and he STILL won't leave me alone! He constantly keeps trying to get me back. He doesn't seem to understand that I got over him a long time ago, and that I would never go back with his dirty, lying, cheating, abusive ass. He's always calling/texting me (I blocked his number but he keeps using other people's phones to get through), always sends me stupid stuff in the mail that I throw away anyway, and randomly shows up at my house/workplace. Isn't this considered stalking? I need to get rid of him, he's making my life impossible! What should I do? I really can't deal with him anymore!


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  • Change your phone number for starters.


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