Feeling down after breakup with controlling boyfriend... need to move on. Suggestions?

My very controlling boyfriend just broke up with me a little bit ago and i'm feeling down. Not about losing him, but just because of what he put me through and to know that he broke up with me when I should have broken up with him. I stayed because every time I tried to leave after a fight or him flipping out, he would do something really sweet and say that he was never gonna give up on me. So even though he was controlling, he always did other little things that were cute.. but then he would lash out again. It was a vicious cycle and i'm glad it's done. So why am I feeling so rejected? Shouldn't I be jumping for joy that he's out of my life? Does it just take time? Is there something I'm missing. He was no good for me so why do I feel this way. I never liked guys that treated me badly so why do I feel like this now? I'm mad at myself for not just being able to move on right away like I should.


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  • coz you cared for him no matter how much of an ass he was towards you... you still cared

    • Yes, I guess you are right

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    • Okay maybe I will try that too especially since I play guitar. Might get my mind off of it. Thanks for the advice!

    • works for Taylor Swift and she made millions off it :)

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