Why does my ex still look at me?

He hurt & disrespected me, after liking him for almost three yrs- & he called it off (or at least told his friend to tell me its over) & I accepted it & ignore him- but once i did start to ignore him & still do, he still glances at me during school (in the hallways, at lunch etc) sooo why does he still glance all the time?
My friend calls him my 'ex bae' which i find a little funny; we never actually went out together or whatever, he called it off before we went any further into getting to know each other kinda thing


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  • He might still have a little bit of feelings for you my ex used to do that to me to get me to come back because he knew how much I liked the attention. Don't get so twisted in it, it doesn't really mean much honestly. I'm sure he looks at other girls too don't try to over think it, it shouldn't be over thought.

    • Thanks! Haha i have a habit to overthink in a lot of situations... :p whoops

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    • Thank you so much (:

    • That's what I did it worked for me. My ex and I go to the same school together and my mom told me just act like he doesn't exist and act like you don't see him and that's what I do. At first it was really hard but it got easier and easier for me, and I was so happy.

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  • Physical attraction doesn't follow the same guide lines as the heart, necessarily.
    I mean, as long as you didn't suddenly get really ugly, why wouldn't he look at you, right?

    • Well i guess you're right

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  • He is just sometimes looking at you, he probably looks at other girls too. Don't overthink it.


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