Is it possible to go from a relationship, to friends, to hooking up then back to either friends or a relationship?

If you and your ex broke up a month ago due to having commitment issues, however stayed in contact and friends with your ex straight after breaking up, you then hooked up with your ex, is it possible to go back to being just friends or do you expect it to move into a relationship?
If you wanted to stay friends with your ex after hooking up how would you go about making sure you stayed friends?
If you are having second thoughts about the break up how would you let your ex know you are confused?
If you decided after hooking up you no longer want a friendship or a relationship what would you do so your ex would know?


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  • Be blunt. Tell your ex what you want and need if it doesn't work for them. tell the the hooking up is over. I did that with my ex. He realised how badly he screwed up and asked for another shot. But do it because you want to be happy. And remember you can't force a relationship or friendship with your ex. They have their own choice of free will as well. Good luck and all the best :)

  • Why would you want to? They guy obviously doesn't know what day of the week it is! Run Forest Run!!!


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