How do I get this girl to notice me? Girls please!

There's this girl who goes to my church(A relaxed church If you don't go to church, this one is like a club or something..), and I really like her. She's really nice. I used to see her a lot but never really noticed her. Then we went on a trip with our church together with a lot of other people and when we were there, she came up to me and said she "saw me and really likes me" But I didn't know if she just wanted to know me or if she meant it. We haven't really talked to each other but we gave each other candy. Every time I give her chocolate she says thank you but looks at me and smiles. I haven't talked to her lately, but she seems to only hang around her friends and I never get a chance to talk to her. I don't know if she likes me already and how I can get noticed more. Thanks.

Also, once, her and her best friend came up to me once and said "Hi, [my name]!" Smiled for a few seconds and ran off. And every once in a while I think I catch her staring at me.
How do I get this girl to notice me? Girls please!
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