Ex blowing hot/cold?

Short story: both early 30s, both divorced. Very loving relationship for a year. He chased me I finally gave in but wasn't totally over my ex. I think deep down he knew this but hoped I'd fall for him.

Because of this 10 months in I tried breaking up twice. He talked Me out of it. Then shortly after dumped me. I was shocked and upset.

Tried talking when he picked up his things, was like talking to a child so messaged him all I wanted to say. Few days later he messaged me wanting to talk and touch base when 'he's ready'... said ok? Nothing I really have to say.

Heard from him sharing some good news, week later I reciprocated with my own good news. He congratulated me. I took it to bring up about talking do to avoid awkwardness between mutual friends. then BOOM. Blocked me. For no reason. I hadn't been hounding him and was nice as pie in my message. So sent him one more via sms asking for him to drop my stuff off (6 weeks it's like he was holding onto it, had messaged him twice prior about it, all to which he was nice when replying) then he replied saying 'will drop off tonight, please don't contact me again'.

Why so cold suddenly? He was the one that initially wanted to talk. New gf? I'd not have minded but he could've just said instead if just blocking me, but he hasn't blocked me on anything else... makes no sense?


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  • It's probably a new gf. She's not letting him talk to you. Or you somehow really hurt him, but it doesn't sound like it. You'd know if you did

    • But he still has pics of us all over his facebook?

    • Maybe he's going through menopause?

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