Why do relationships never work a second time?

You decide to get back together After a long breakup. Why is it they never ever work out a second time?


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  • Well you have to take a minute to think about it. The first relationship failed for good reasons whatever those may be and people rarely change who they are unless it's a life or death situation. So when they get back together the same issues keep occurring again leading to the same result. Not to mention there can be added tension from outside the relationship. Sometimes the person who was left feels angry and vents to their friends, also the person who left will try to justify it to others by making their ex seem like a horrible person. As a result when they get back together their friends and family will be extremely cold or angry towards the other person believing they will just hurt the person they care for.


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  • It doesn't work the second time if you don't discuss why it didn't work the first time and work on not allowing those things to happen again.
    It works the second time if you do discuss why it fell apart and work on not allowing those things happen again.
    Communication is #1.

  • Same reason they didn't work out the first time.


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