Used and disrespected?

So this guy I was seeing turned into a stranger. In the beginning everything was going well. Then all of a sudden... something changed. I went out with my girls and he knew where I was going and he ended up at the same place. He was flirting with girls and then came up to me and kept telling me that "im jealous." When I wasn't. Then he kept telling me "We aren't dating." and I just didn't care because I wanted to have a good time. Well I ended up at his place that night.

Anyway I think It all started going downhill when I went to see my cousin in her town and we went out for drinks. My crush texted me telling me he's dancing with other girls and getting their numbers. Obviously I was a little jealous but I played his game and acted like I didn't care, its not like we were official like he stated a hundred times. So I decided to put my phone away and ignore it and have a good time. I didn't hear from him for a day.

Then he texted me the day after and told me that I needed to "chill out" and seemed like everything was my fault. I told him we needed to talk. So he invited me over, and we talked. I told him he needs to respect me even if we were just "friends with benefits." He apologized and made me dinner and told me how much he likes me. Then we ended up with our friends and we got a little drunk. He put his arm around me infront of everyone, and he told them how much he likes me and etc...

The next day I had to work and he said "bye babe, text you soon, I like you though." I left. I didn't hear from him that week. Then somehow we ended up at the same bar with our friends. He ignored me the entire night. So I was a little pissed and just ignored it. The next day he texted me telling me "he's done with me, and somehow I don't understand that and how im clingy."

But I know I got used... right? I feel like he has two personalities... he is one person, and then the next he's someone completely different. Especially when he's drunk


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  • He is not Only a 'Drunk' here, dear, but a fickle pickle that you do Not need in your life this year. He is One day One way and like the weather, changes very quickly Tomorrow where you don't know who Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde Is------Today.
    In the 'Beginning,' when things were this square dance, he hadn't had a change of heart just yet in being in a hooked at the hip that he suddenly realized, with all his actions and antics of being this Problem child pattern, that he proved to you that it might have been too cozy for comfort, and Purposely decided to show his true colors of flirting and flaunting with every Jane and Sally... he is not only telling you a 'hundred times' that you both are not 'Official,' but Not Exclusive neither.
    My wise advice with you the next time Scary Harry would even Text you his muddle brain message, you need to set him straight once and for all and tell him: "Bye, babe, you're just too weird for me... tell it to your other loose cannons that you dance and prance with... we're done."
    Good luck. xx

  • You couldn't hear the train wreck for focusing on the nails on the chalkboard. I swear I have never read a. more open story of why to run away like you have lit toilet paper stuck to your ass than this!
    Yes he used you repeatedly to stroke his ego & other things, you proved to be a doormat so he took advantage of it. He doesn't have 2 personalities, he's asshole all day long! He just plays nice to reel you back in to get what he wants.
    Best thing you can do now is block him from contact & hope he doesn't stalk you.

    • ha yeah, it was show alright. It's funny because tonight I might run into him and hopefully i don't. My brother and our friends are going to an EDM show... and he's going there as well. We were suppose to go together, but not anymore! ha it shall be interesting! But i will be having fun no matter what.

      Also yeah he disfriended me on FB and I deleted his number, but yet he still snapchats me and still sees what i'm doing. I find it pretty funny.

    • Next time he comes up to you in public, stop the next random guy who walks by & ask him if he's single, if he is kiss him full on then say thanks! Look the douche who won't leave even though he doesn't want you & say " look how easy it is to forget you exist" then turn around. Don't keep snapchatting him, block him. He doesn't need to know a peep about your life.

    • hahhaa that would be awesome! I might have to do that!

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