What do you think about this breakup text?

Don't judge me. I'm doing it over text bc that's the only communication he allows. My goal is to make him regret not moving things to the next stage, make him want me back. Let me know your thoughts!

"Hey T, hope all is well. I've had a fun time getting to know you over the past few months and hanging out in San Diego was a blast. I think though that we may be looking for different things in relationships and out of respect for us both, I'm putting it out there. It's ok bc we're different people and this is how it goes sometimes. The thing is I deserve more than just a casual thing and I won't be sitting back and waiting any longer. I hope the best for you in whatever you do bc you're a great guy. When I move to the West Coast, I'm sure we'll run into each other at some point bc it's a small world. I'll be wishing you the best then too.


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  • It's just fluffy. It's like you're too afraid to stand up to him but want to feel good about trying to in a really big "being his bitch" sort of way. If you really want to stick it to him that he's missing out and you deserve better don't coo about him.

    • It only makes him thinks he's a great guy for treating you like crap

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    • Some along the lines of "I'm more than you see me as, you think someone who you play with but the games over. My worth is not by your knees, it's the skyscraper standing well above your head. You're at a loss for not seeing that and I'm at a loss for wasting my time with you. I deserve so much more than what you have to offer and I would tell you to either become a man and treat me with the respect and care I deserve or kiss my ass, but frankly you don't deserve another minute of my time, cuz I'm better than this. You're an idiot for not being able to see that."

    • *you think I'm someone you can play with

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  • If he is Only Allowing This 'Communication' Only, here, dear, he certainly doesn't deserve You nor does he want a Real Relationship, which is Why it has come down to pushing a few buttons on your own end to Hopefully Make him----Push a few on his own end.
    It sounds like a good message you are trying to get out there to him. However, when open lines of communication, which is one of the most important factors to have in any new or old relationship, is sadly lacking, then this beautiful message you are ready to send, then End, is meant to open his eyes, I am not so sure it will, but I do know one thing, it's your own closure to move on and hopefully find happiness and more of what you are looking for When-----I move to the West Coast.
    Good luck and blessings for a happy new year. xx

    • Such an encouraging message, thank you!

      I think for me it's definitely a closure thing. I've spent months waiting for him to take the lead and move things to the next stage, sometimes I gently nudged, but mostly I stood back and gave him space. He never ended things, never closed the door, but never moved forward, so I feel like it's time for me to close the door. I want to stand up for myself to him bc he never saw that side of me.

    • Not only are you getting Closure by closing a door with Obviously No More in Store with someone who will not be nudged nor budged in Committing, but giving him the common lady like courtesy of ending it politely... Go ahead and send it... it will give you peace of mind and maybe for him to have something to think about... someday he will regret, maybe when he is old and gray, of losing someone who may just have been the Best from the Rest. xxoo

    • And you are so welcome, thank you... I am familiar with this kind, they don't change, just goes in a full circle pattern with no real deal. xx

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  • I dont like them at all even though I never had one. I think something like that should be in person trying one last time to work something out if not you give the girl a Hug and wish her the best and move on

  • Like how both @pr3ttybr0wn and @Paris13 said, that asshole doesn't even deserve a text in the first place.

    • No, Xelebbrum, he doesn't deserve it but it IS a closure closet I call this for the other good half who knows it is time to put this to bed and move on. xx

    • @Paris13 When you put it that way, it does make sense.

      Alright @Anonymous, EDIT: While I still believe that he doesn't deserve a text at all, if you really feel like you HAVE to send one, then send him that but don't sugarcoat anything. He needs to know what he lost and why he lost it. And when you do send it to him, stand your ground. Don't give into any half-assed excuses or apologies.

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  • If texting is the only communication he allows them it doesn't sound as if he values you very much. If Thats the case he doesn't deserve a text at all. I would just ignore him since you're not in an actual relationship anyway

    • It's like anytime we get close, he pulls back, then after a couple weeks he comes back apologizing. It's been 7 months of this crap and I want to put my foot down bc I never did. Any ideas of what I should say?

    • I would cut him totally off and leave hi wondering wtf happened to me. He's been manipulating you for 7 months. He fucks with you when he wants to, then when he gets tired or finds another chick he pulls away (pretending to be afraid of intimacy) then comes back again. Players don't deserve courtesy texts.

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