Broke up and now what he's doing?

I caught my bf cheating in November. So I broke up with him and went off on him. I knew he was cheating but I never said anything about and when I did start questioning him he started calling me crazy. So I waited till I had enough evidence and I confronted him and broke up with him. Now For the last couple of weeks he's been telling me who he's on the phone with or who's texting him. He evens brings up everything thing I called him that night I broke up with him. Why is he doing this.


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  • Just for drama, irritation and best of all to piss you off.

    • That's the thing it never be a woman. It's always his guy friends, sisters or brothers. Then he'll say I don't have a gf.

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  • I'd say he wants you back. Why else would he keep contacting you after you've broken up with him? Would you consider forgiving him, or not yet?

    • We work together and every time his phone rings or he gets a text he'll say oh that so and so or he'll say there name and then look at me.

    • Oh... so you two see each other regardless of not being a couple anymore. In that case, I would say he either wants to get back with you, or is trying to make you jealous.

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  • Delete or Block him on everything. Prob solved!

    • I see him every night, we work together.

    • Get a new job

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