Is it meant to be for me to stay alone? Please help?

Idon't know about this about what's happening to me actually I've tried a lot to be in a relationship with the girl that I really love , I did everything actually just to c that smile on her face , suddenly her family showed up & they told me if u want her & u really loves her propose to her, my family wasn't happy with this situation cuz they were rushing me to much to do it , my older sis took my cellphone unfortunately I didn't know that & she wrote her a message from my phone the message was : im so sorry I'm doing this for love cuz I really do love u but I have to let u go so good bye forever & good luck in life... when I knew this it was too late cuz she sent me thanks for everything it was a great 2 months & i love u 2 bye forever :'( ... I've sent her a message it was not me i swear but she won't believe me she already changed her num & her best girl friend told me she wants to leave to London or something & she don't want to c ur face so fuck off... :'(
Please help !!


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  • Honestly the message she sent back to you saying " thanks for everything it was a great 2 months & i love u 2 bye forever :'(" Then even more the fact that she won't believe a word you say when you keep telling her it wasn't you. That just seems like she doesn't truly care about you. I mean if you truly love and care about someone you would do what ever it took to be with them and would trust them 100%. I know it would be hard but you deserve someone who would trust you and do whatever it took for them to be with you. Just couples should never give up on each other that easily if they truly love each other.


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  • ooh this is bad, you must be so sad :'( , your sister is soo wrong , now you really have to go to her house and cry for her and tell her that it wasn't you , go to see her in university or something , do your best , dont care about her bf's words , and then , if she didn't want to believe you , then it is not your wrong anymore because we know that it really wasn't you , and you also know that , so if she didn't believe you then forgive yourself , and just try to get over it , i know it is toooo hard , but sometimes things just go the way we never wanted. i hope the best for you <3 , and dont be sad as much as possible :)


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