I'm hurting so much, how do I make this pain go away?

here was a guy who was really nice to me at first. I was so kind to him and caring. I would always listen to him whatever he had to say, I always took an interest in him. When he was sad I would comfort him. He told me he loved me, then when he lost interest in me, he wouldn't talk to me as much, took back what he said about loving me. When we went out on a first date, he didn't even come with money in his wallet, I bought us lunch. I bought him gifts. I gave him a homemade card that I made him, which I put so much effort in and it felt like he didn't even seem interested in. He has ignored me and made me feel worthless and like a nobody. It just hurts so much because I was so nice to him and cared about him so much. I told him I was feeling depressed and really sad and he just hangs up the phone on me. He has suffered from depression and whenever he needed to talk, I was there for him. I even used to ring him up in the morning to remind him to take his medication. When he lost interest in me, it's like he doesn't even care about me at all. I asked him why are you ignoring me and he said why not? I don't understand how someone can be so mean to me. I tried to be there for him and was very caring towards him and he ends up treating me awful. I feel so sad and I can't stop crying. He made me feel so worthless. I just don't know how to get over this hurt.


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  • He sounds like a complete idiot for losing you to me, you have great kindness and qualities any decent man would relish. The guy is an idiot and I doubt whatever went wrong had anything to do with you, but more to do with him not thinking straight.

    How to get over it? Mainly time will help, but you can do yourself a favor by reminding yourself it was nothing you did wrong. Repeat the situation with a decent guy and that just wouldn't happen again, you have just been unlucky. Focus on yourself, that you don't need anyone to be happy and before you know, it will all be in the past and buried.


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