Is the do not contact me, delete my text always final?

dated for 2 months. He had a divorce happening. I'm married 2a gay guy but we've a financial portfolio, so not in a hurry to end my marriage of convenience but certainly would consider it in the right circumstances. He came over2me at the pub & initiated the relationship. He knew the situation. It was intense sexually. I had him crying on the side of the bed saying " it hasn't been like that for me in 20 years "He was leaving2move2 another city in 3 months so I thought it would be a clean &temporary 'fling'. But I realised there was potential between us4 more I hadn't sensed with anyone else. I didn't discuss this with him as I wanted 2C how it unfolded & we had started on a ' just sex ' basis. He however started showing me all his kids on FB, 1night he told me he loved me (twice) but we'd been drinking so I ignored it. He said he was staying in town&NOT moving. He told me " I am not a threat2your financial arrangement " & also asked me2go around the country with him, offered me a job& he would make me a FB friend in 2 months as soon as the $ side of his divorce was final. I was a bit overwhelmed &played my cards close 2my chest but I was getting feelings for him2.1 night by text he ended it;but we reconciled. Over the last 2 months he did it 4 times! But I'd just chat2 him (as I was making no real demands-just enjoying being together, the companionship & GREAT sex & seeing what happened ) The night I finally stayed overnight I saw he drank a lot& was drinking beer at 9am! So he didn't remember a lot he said. I made my needs clear that I couldn't have an alcohol problem in my life. That night he scared me. That resulted in break up 3# ( how dare I tell him2stop drinking ) which I actually hadn't. We reconciled& he went2great lengths to ensure I wasn't scared &cut back on drinking& accepted he acted badly. Saw him Fi all good, sat morning had a lovely chat, Sun night it was off& just be friends. I thought ' yeah what kind? ' I do an undemanding text and got do not contact me, delete my number.


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  • It's final in the immediate future


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