Ex girlfriend is playing games?

Alright, so. I dated my ex girlfriend for 3 years, two years ago she dumped me. Barely talked the past 1,5 years and a year ago she told me she met a new guy and didn't want any contact.

About two months ago she started emailing me "to see how i was doing" and now we've been emailing since then. But the thing is, it's getting annoying. She sends an email, writes two sentences and asks a question, i reply, do the same. Not really going anywhere.

Also, she always takes 1 to 7(!) days to respond to my emails, so i always wait a few days before responding, when she did.

Why is she even emailing me and why is she waiting so long to respond? I actually like her but this is just annoying and frustrating.
Edit: forgot to mention, she and her boyfriend broke up a few weeks after she started emailing me.


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  • Seemed like she knew things with her then-bf were going downhill and wanted to seek out a possible ego boost from you. Sounds like she's toying with you and is therefore, quite frankly, not worth the effort. I'm sorry about this; don't take it as a reflection of you but her own issues. Would you look at mine please? Thanks! www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1312996-was-it-more-about-me-or-the-parents


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  • Cut contaxt with her

    • Could you elaborate on why and how?

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