Why is my ex going out of his way to be mean to me? How to handle it?

It's a small problem but I'm annoyed. My ex who I haven't talked to since we broke up over a month ago keeps making comments about his "ex" (who is me since I'm the only girl he's ever dated) on fb. I unfollowed him but didn't delete him bc we have many mutual friends. His best friend just sent me a snap of him and my ex with the question "boob pic?" Im so annoyed because I feel like this is extremely disrespectful. I texted my ex to tell his friend to eff off and he said why and when I told him he said "lol nice". Am I overreacting or are they being seriously disrespectful to me? How do I handle it, just go back to ignoring it?


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  • You need to end the madness, the redneck redrick with this sore sport "EX" by Blocking him once and for all... Not just 'Delete him.' No matter what, even if you do have 'Many mutual friends,' this Not going to end, it is just going to go on and be Nothing but a Fb Drama Queen dramatic drawn out club, instead of a fun filled friends club where you are Not supposed to Be----Annoyed.
    It's only going to get worse, you have no life, just strife with this problem child. He is bitter over the break up and is going to find every avenue to be 'Disrespectful to me' and if you Allow him to be on your turf here, dear, you will find that you Can't-----Ignore it but be aggravated everytime you sign in.
    'Unfollow' is Not going to do it... Delete and then Block... When you see that Big "Thumbs up" come Up, you are good to go.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks yeah I just blocked him and all of his close friends. I'm emotionally drained and I know I don't deserve it. I just need to figure out how to get him out of my head. I've been keeping myself busy and picked up new hobbies it's just taking longer then I thought.

    • You're so welcome... I wanted to suggest yes, the friends as well and glad you made That decision along with the Best one of all with Blocking Him and all.. start fresh with just people who are going to be a friend and not a headache.:)) xxoo

  • They're really disrespecting you. Tell him to stop harassing you and ignore it if it gets worse delete him, block him and change your number.

    • Yeah I just went off on him and of course didn't get a response. I just don't get why after a month go out of their way to be rude to me? At least it made me feel better about choosing to break up with him! We're 24 this just feels like high school crap lol

    • It is high school crap lol. At first I was about to tell you talk to his parents. Then I saw your age and decided not to say that. Lol. But his ego must've gotten hurt when you broke up with him. Well, I hope he stops bugging you lol.

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