Is this weird, friends with benefits not hot?

I recently got dumped and still wanted sex so I took a friends with benefits that is not hot, I was afraid if I chose someone hot than I might fall for her and rebound so soon after a break up. makes sense to me, you?


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  • Sound disappointing that you are willing to use someone to make yourself fell better. Doesn't say much about your character. Did you stop to think of how the female may feel? What if she catches feelings? What if you see past her looks and start to see her for who she really is and falls for her inner beauty?

    • I have been very up front that I don't want more and have told her my break up was recent, so she knows I don't want a rebound and I have said do not fall for me. I am not a dick

    • ok, but someone always falls, and some women think that after some time the guy feels different or she can change him.

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • I thought once you say friends with benefits some switch goes off and you just don't get attached. Regardless of how attractive he or she is. I thought that's the whole point of friends with benefits . That you don't get attached. I didn't think it had to be avoided. I thought it just doesn't happen.

  • lol so sounds like you took the right decision not to have a hot friends with benefits .. if you don't wanna fall for her


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