Do you ever think about your past relationships?

Sometimes I find myself thinking about my past relationships. Sometimes I'm just replaying moments in my head that I miss, sometimes I think about all the warning sings that I missed, sometimes I'll just wonder how they'e doing. Does anyone else do this? I feel like it helps with remembering everything that your past relationships have taught you.


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  • Rather often.

    • I too "think about all the warning sings that I missed, sometimes I'll just wonder how they'e doing."
      I have no idea what happened to the last one, except that she left Europe for Canada and married once more.
      I met the previous one and her life isn't going very well at all. Husband died, bad investments, a very bad job now.

      Now I know which errors I made, which ones the girls made.

      But more important: I'm happy these relationships failed because I met someone who's 10 times better!

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  • more often than I want. for the ones that are really gone I don't care about where they are but the ones that I really took seriously I still have some communication with and it's great if they're doin fine or found someone awesome. I hate when they end up in a worse situation with worse people. but I'm just looking forward and watching out for myself now

    • and it sucks finding out later that even though it wasn't communicated well, she actually took me serious and thought I was too good for her so we both ended up anxious since I thought the same lol

What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, I do that all the time. Especially the part about the signs I've missed. Like, when I found out one of my exe's was gay. I knew it deep-down, but I kept ignoring all the signs. My friends/family even warned me that he was gay or at the least bisexual, but I wouldn't let myself think that. I like remembering it sometimes. It reminds me that I shouldn't be as stupid as I used to be. I shouldn't ignore signs, I should communicate better with my bf, I shouldn't be bossy or controlling and I definitely should NOT get jealous all the time. I've learned to be better at trusting. Still learning, but I'm getting there. :)


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