My ex boyfriend still loves me but is afraid that I might hurt him again... is there a chance for him to change his mind?

My ex and I were together for 2 years. I had a boyfriend when we first met, i liked him so i left my boyfriend to be with him.

We had a really good relationship. We were in love everyday. This is the second time that we broke up. The first one was Jan 2014, i went to the states and he got so depressed. We broke up because of misunderstanding and it happened again this year. Again, because of misunderstanding.

Is he really never coming back to me?
I tried the no contact rule and after two weeks he texted and told me how much he's still in love with me. That he will always love me even if he's mind is telling him not to.

A week after we spent the weekend together. It was beautiful, we cried and for a moment i felt that we were back together. He told me again how much he's in love with me but won't let himself get hurt by me again. He said that i'm the only person that can hurt him


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  • keep being friends and talking to him. eventually he will like you again.


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  • Yes you can change his mind but only if he feels the same way about you.

    • he said he still loves me but is scared that i might hurt him again. He said that i'm the only person who can hurt him and he doesn't think that he'll be able to make it the third time. :(

    • You should be ok asking as the lines of communication are left open!

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  • I hope he never comes back again. It will be the worst decision of his life. Leave the poor guy alone don't hurt him more except by saying that you don't want to see him again.


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  • Are you Taylor Swift


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