Can you understand what I was Saying?

Actions speak louder than words. Just observe and you'll learn a lot about a person. I've learned to stop putting effort into things that don't make an effort. You just realized you're wasting your time. People do what they wanna do. You learn to take an L and keep it moving. Sometimes you just get tired of trying, being disrespected, being lied too, being played and paying for someone else mistakes.
I have him e 2 years to step up but he always claim he scared, or say I'll hurt him.


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  • no. Sounds like a quitter. Just because someone is not giving ever does it mean you don't put forth effort you just might teach that person a lesson, they just might take a little longer to understand things that you understand. That's just one of a million things and makes us all so different but the same. I'm very hard of hearing so to me actions definitely speak louder than words. And in knowing this is also taught me to be very patient.

    • This been going on for 2 years how much longer he needs

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    • So did that come off as mean?

    • No, not at all. He needs to man the fuck upif he plans on keeping a Woman.

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  • Yes, and you don't sound like a quitter. Putting up with BS doesn't make you patient, it makes you submissive. I spent 2 years of my life wasting time on a guy who said he would change but never did, so yes actions speak louder than words. Life is to short to wasted on things you don't want to spend time on.

    • Right I listen to him and was dumb for so long. He never once taken me out because he was so called scared. He never bought me anything. I was so dumb and seeking attention that I let him get away with it. I still listened to him after I caught him messing around with another woman after we agreed to be exclusive.

    • I went through the exact same thing. I was desperate and stupid , it took me 2 years to realize It isn't worth it. Any man who really wants a woman is going to treat her like it. So now I have high standards now and low tolerance for bs. I'm going to be sure the next guy I'm might treats me and only me as his woman. You too are worth so much more than that bs!

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  • There's a difference between giving up and knowing when you've had enough.


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